2 free trip give-awayWhat could be sweeter than winning a trip to Switzerland; 2 free trips! (including Hotel accommodations & Airfare included) Paramount wants everybody to have an opportunity to experience all that this beautiful country has to offer. We will be drawing 1 trip for April/May and 1 for June/July. Entering to win both trips is easy. All you have to do is sell a pool with one (1) Paramount in-floor system, one (1) Paramount drain, and two (2) Paramount ancillary Products, like Clear03, Paralevel or SwingJets (See Terms and Conditions below for full list of products). We want to make it possible for every salesperson to have a chance to make it to Switzerland. If you don’t win, no worries, try again the next drawing period.

Terms & Conditions

1. There will be one (1) winner awarded for each drawing give-a-way period month(s). We will announce the winner by the 5th of the following month of the give-a-way period

2.  Each give-a-way period (April/May) and (June/July) will be considered a separate contest. Entries will not roll over from month to month.

3. Contests apply to sales associates of authorized Paramount dealers only.

4. Every qualified drawing is an entry.

5. The award is non transferable and has no cash value and must be used for the Switzerland trip.

6. If the winner has already qualified for a trip, he or she may roll the points over to the next year.

7. All Passport to Paradise terms and conditions apply. Visit www.1paramount.com/builders/passport/incentives.php for details.

8. Winners must be employed by a Paramount Authorized Dealer at the time of the trip.

9. Each entry must consist of a completed Paramount system coversheet and pool layout. (don’t forget to add your e-mail to the coversheet)

Please send entries to the Paramount CAD department:

Email: cad@1paramount.com

Fax: 480-893-7621

10. Winning entries will be verified by a sight inspection from a Paramount representative to verify authenticity.  Pools must be at least through the rough plumbing stage and Paramount must be supplied a contract matching the drawing entry.

11. A qualifying entry will consist of one (1) Paramount in-floor system, one (1) Paramount drain and two (2) ancillary Paramount products. See below for qualifying systems and products.

- The qualifying systems are PCC2000, PV3, Cyclean, Vanquish, Vantage, Eco Pool and Step Clean.

- The qualifying drains are MDX-R3 and Buzztop drain.

- The qualifying ancillary products are Canister, MVFuse products, Clear03, Air-Port, Parascope, Paralevel, Jetpaks, Renegade Venturi skimmer, Swing Jet (at least 3 Swing Jets per pool), and SwingSweep system.

12. All entries are due by the end of the last business day of the give-a-way period at 11:59PM.

13. This promotion applies to United States authorized dealers only.

14. In accordance with Federal Law, individual participants are responsible for reporting the tax value of this trip and will receive a 1099-MISC for the fair market value of the trip. Please consult your tax adviser for any further information.

15. A completed W-9 Tax form must be received before the trip.

16. If you are the winner of a trip and register to go to Switzerland and cancel, the trip will be forfeited and not eligible for rollover or for product credit.

17. If the drawing cover sheet does not reflect ancillary products that will be installed on the pool, please send a copy of the contract showing all Paramount ancillary products sold.

Please direct any questions to MHammant@1paramount.com