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Dealer Insider – Winter 2011

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Summer 2011 Newsletter Issue

Our Dealer Insider summer issue is now available. You don’t have to wait to get it in the mail click above to view online newsletter Dealer Insider Summer issue now. Check out the all new Pools of the Month. Get the inside scoop of what’s going on around Paramount, and much more. You won’t want to miss out!

UPDATE: Paramount Drains Have Been Re-Tested and are Fully VGB Compliant

On Thursday May 26th the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) posted a public recall notice entitled “Eight Manufacturers Recall Pool and In-Ground Spa Drain Covers Due to Incorrect Ratings – Covers Pose Possible Entrapment Hazard to swimmers” –

This is a massive recall and it is estimated that over 1 million installed drain covers sold since December 20, 2008 are involved. Paramount’s SDX, SDX Retro and SDX Equalizer as well as MDX2 and MDX-R3 main drains are not a part of this recall. In fact we are very proud to say that these drains have all been successfully retested and recertified by IAPMO.

Builders, service companies and retailers who have purchased SDX and SDX Retro drains from Paramount, as well as our licensed builders who have purchased and installed MDX2 and MDX-R3 drains, since December 2008 can remain confident that their installations, when done in accordance with our installation instructions, both past and present, remain in full compliance with Federal Standards related to the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act.

New articles are already circulating in Pool and Spa news ( and other on-line publications. Therefore, we wanted to be proactive and address any concerns you might have pertaining to this voluntary recall.

Please contact us if you have any questions about Paramount’s VGB compliant drains or options for updating non-compliant drain installations.

Bill Burt
Director of Sales and Marketing
Paramount Pool & Spa Systems

New How To Videos with Jim Serkland

Paramount has recently created a new YouTube channel to help address technical Paramount product related topics and questions. The channel is meant to provide insight and best practices for installing, servicing and troubleshooting an array of Paramount products. Jim Serkland, Paramount’s technical support manager and industry veteran with over 40 years of pool industry and in-floor experience, hosts the episodes and answers questions that viewers may have. The YouTube channel and videos can be found by going to Paramount is dedicated to helping builders where and when we can. These videos will continue to be produced as customers have more and more questions about their pools and Paramount products.

Paramount Drains Have Been Re-Tested and are Fully VGB Compliant

Over the past several months the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) conducted an investigation into the safety of pool and spa drain covers and the adequacy of testing procedures used to determine the flow rating of these covers. The investigation revealed that the testing protocols used by some laboratories may have been improper and, as a result, some covers certified by these laboratories may not comply with the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act.   Pool and spa drains that use covers certified with inaccurate flow ratings may fail to prevent the hidden hazard of a drain entrapment.

Paramount is very pleased to report that our SDX, SDX Retro, MDX-R3 and MDX2 have been re-tested at a certified assessment body and found to be fully compliant to the standard at their originally stated flow rates:

SDX                             200 gpm – FLOOR            192 gpm – WALL

SDX Retro                   200 gpm – FLOOR             192 gpm – WALL

MDX-R3                      132 gpm – FLOOR

MDX2                           90 gpm – FLOOR

Gravity Drainage Systems and large, unblockable drains i.e. BUZZTOP Channel Drain, were not a part of this investigation.

Please let us know if you any questions pertaining to this matter and thank you for your ongoing support.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas

Through the Holiday Season our thoughts turn to the closing year and to the New Year ahead and all we have experienced together, both the successes and the challenges. We feel a deep sense of gratitude for our association with you and a great sense of pride for the enduring commitment of our Paramount team.

In the face of challenging circumstances that tested us, individually and as an enterprise we are proud to have met these tests with character and dignity, putting the interests of our customers first and remaining true to our values. In doing so we continued to add market share and are well positioned as our industry recovers. This was evidenced by the fact that 70% of the top pool builders in the United States are Paramount dealers.

We are also blessed to have excellent representation internationally where, in countries like Australia, we enjoyed significant growth this year. The efforts of Compass Pools, Waterline Pool Innovations and Pool Water Products were certainly some of the highlights of 2010. In addition, Compass Pools Europe expanded their efforts throughout Western and Eastern Europe thus extending Paramount’s reach into a number of new markets.

So there is much to be thankful for and we believe we have the dealers and internal team in place to tackle the job ahead. And what a great job it is, making backyard dreams a reality and allowing pool owners to maximize their enjoyment with family and friends alike. We’ve kept our footing in a shifting landscape by remaining true to our mission and we thank you for your contributions.

This is the time of year that people of all faiths and backgrounds embrace a common sense of festivity. We offer heartfelt holiday greetings and a sincere wish for a happy and healthy New Year! Let’s work together to make it a great 2011.

Buzz Ghiz

Bill Burt
Direcotr of Sales & Marketing

Director of PLS

Great News From Paramount Capital Finance

Last week, Paramount Capital Finance announced that one of our partnered lenders just extended their loan terms on a popular UNSECURED program. For now this program is only available in the following states: AL, AZ, CA, FL, NM and TX

A Bit of Holiday Cheer

The News is Out

Since the Top 50 Builders list debuted nearly a decade ago, the industry has seen historic highs and lows. Each year, Pool & Spa News gathers information from builders all over the nation and ranks them from 1 to 50. The information gathered includes both commercial and residential revenues, renovations, areas served, number of pools built, etc. We congratulate everyone who has made this year’s list.

For the past several years, the percentage of the top 50 builders who are Paramount Authorized Dealers continues to grow. This year is no different. In 2007, the percentage of Paramount Authorized dealers was 62%, a strong number. In 2008 it grew to 70%. Last year, the number jumped again to 72%. If you are an Authorized Dealer, we congratulate you as being part of an elite group. If you are not, we encourage you to see why this percentage continues to grow every year.

Chemical Safety

The chemicals used in a swimming pool pose a definite hazard to occupants and equipment. A few simple guidelines should be followed to ensure the safety of everyone. In this context, a “chemical” includes, but is not limited to, chlorine, acid, soda ash, any algaecide, diatomaceous earth, silica sand, and any cleaning agent.

· Never mix any two chemicals together, either away from or in the pool water.

· Never add water to a chemical . . . always add the chemical to water.

· Never handle a chemical without the use of protective gloves and a form of nose-mouth protection. This can be a disposable fabric mask or a respirator.

· Never add two different chemicals to the pool water at the same time . . . always allow at least 4 hours between applications unless otherwise directed by the chemical manufacturer.

· Never allow anyone to use the pool within 4 hours after the addition of chemicals.

· Never store any chemicals inside the house, in direct sunlight, or near the pool area.

· Keep all pool chemicals out of the reach of children.

· Never store two different chemicals adjacent to one another. Leak- age of one could cause them to mix and a chemical reaction could result.

· Avoid contact of any chemical with the skin or mucous membranes, such as those in the mouth, eyes, and nose. If this occurs, flush the area with water and consult a physician immediately. Be sure to have the container of the chemical nearby to inform the physician of the agent involved.

· Be aware of the addition of any pool chemicals by another person, to avoid interaction or overdose.

Time to Submit Vendor Points!

From Molly Hammant, Passport to Paradise Coordinator:

I hope everybody is gearing up for our upcoming Passport to Paradise trips to the Caribbean in January and Alaska in August.

This is a friendly reminder that Vendor points need to be submitted no later than September 15, 2010.

Below is a contact list for your reference. Please note that there will not be a representative available as in years past from Pebbletec to take point exceptions after the 15th.

As always please e-mail me to call me with any questions you may have.

Pentair (Crystal P. Stubits) – 800-693-0171
Fiberstars (Donna Prunetti) – 888-704-2276
WetEdge (Lora Sharp) – 877-984-4687
Structure Studios – 800-778-8996
Pebble Tec (Christine Fox ) – 480-948-5058
King Technology – 800-222-0169
Pool Cover Specialists – 801-255-6124
Jandy – 800-822-7933

One Week Left to Qualify – Double and Triple Points

Time is running out to qualify for this year’s Passport to Paradise incentive trip with your choice of an Alaskan or Caribbean cruise. Can’t decide which cruise to choose…then earn enough points to choose both! During the month of August we’re making it easier for you to qualify with Double & Triple points on all Paramount products. Just earn 3,200 points for a full trip or 2,490 for a ground package trip by August 31, 2010 and come set sail with us. We are offering double and triple points for all of our products plus double points for select vendors.

Double Point Value:
MDX2 – 20 pts
Clear03 – 20 pts
Water Valve – 20 pts
WaterFalls – 10 pts
Canister – 10 pts
Air-Port – 10 pts
SDX – 6 pts
Body & Nozzle – 6 pts
RetroJet – 4 pts

Triple Point Value:
JetPaks – 30 pts
MVFuse In-Deck – 30 pts
Canister with MVFuse – 30 pts
MVFuse Retro Fit – 15 pts
Parascope – 15 pts
Paralevel – 15 pts
Swing Jet – 9 pts

Plus Double Points for the Following Vendors:


Double/Triple Points Details:
1. Owners points are not eligible for the Double and Triple Points in this promotion.
2. Applies to purchases through distribution (points and free goods require submission of a distributor invoice to Paramount).
3. Points are awarded on purchased product.
4. This promotion only applies to U.S. Paramount Authorized Dealers.
5. International customers need to contact their nearest distributor.