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Paramount RetroJets

Jimmy discusses the Paramount RetroJets and which nozzles you can replace

New Extended Warranty on Clear03

We’re happy to let you know that we’ve extended our warranty for the ClearO3. Previously the ClearO3 warranty covered one (1) year parts and one (1) year labor, but effective immediately, the ClearO3 warranty will cover two (2) years parts and one (1) year labor. The new warranty covers all ClearO3’s with production date code* 06-01-11 and later.

The Clear O3 water purifying system is the perfect addition to any new or existing pool for the cleanest water possible. Ozone actively breaks down non-living waste products in pool water which can combine with chlorine to form unhealthy by-products that can irritate skin and have been linked to asthma and other ailments.  Use of ozone reduces the demand for pool chemicals by up to 70% and allows the chlorine in the pool to work more effectively as a disinfectant. Learn more about the Clear03 on our website.

New How To Videos with Jim Serkland

Paramount has recently created a new YouTube channel to help address technical Paramount product related topics and questions. The channel is meant to provide insight and best practices for installing, servicing and troubleshooting an array of Paramount products. Jim Serkland, Paramount’s technical support manager and industry veteran with over 40 years of pool industry and in-floor experience, hosts the episodes and answers questions that viewers may have. The YouTube channel and videos can be found by going to Paramount is dedicated to helping builders where and when we can. These videos will continue to be produced as customers have more and more questions about their pools and Paramount products.

Paramount Drains Have Been Re-Tested and are Fully VGB Compliant

Over the past several months the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) conducted an investigation into the safety of pool and spa drain covers and the adequacy of testing procedures used to determine the flow rating of these covers. The investigation revealed that the testing protocols used by some laboratories may have been improper and, as a result, some covers certified by these laboratories may not comply with the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act.   Pool and spa drains that use covers certified with inaccurate flow ratings may fail to prevent the hidden hazard of a drain entrapment.

Paramount is very pleased to report that our SDX, SDX Retro, MDX-R3 and MDX2 have been re-tested at a certified assessment body and found to be fully compliant to the standard at their originally stated flow rates:

SDX                             200 gpm – FLOOR            192 gpm – WALL

SDX Retro                   200 gpm – FLOOR             192 gpm – WALL

MDX-R3                      132 gpm – FLOOR

MDX2                           90 gpm – FLOOR

Gravity Drainage Systems and large, unblockable drains i.e. BUZZTOP Channel Drain, were not a part of this investigation.

Please let us know if you any questions pertaining to this matter and thank you for your ongoing support.

SwingSweep – Enhance Cleaning & Circulation


Paramount Pool and Spa Systems, the world’s leader in In-Floor Pool Cleaning
Systems, continues its commitment to pool cleaning and enhanced water
circulation with SwingSweep. SwingSweep’s patented wall mounted jets, powered by
our Swingjet technology, fit into most threaded wall returns and deliver an
infinitely adjustable 3-step 90 degree water flow arc with an innovative
automatic reversing mechanism.

SwingSweep is ideal as a stand alone system, improving both cleaning and
circulation, and can even supercharge any Paramount In-floor Cleaning system.





Hydraulically-engineered SwingSweep
Jets are placed as wall returns. When activated, the jets pop out to
deliver a high-pressure stream of water.

When not operating, the jets
retract and then rotate to a new position upon the next activation.

The SwingSweep jets can be aimed to focus the
90 degree cleaning arc to target steps, benches and hard to reach



SwingSweep offers you the ability to take any Paramount cleaning
system to the next level of cleaning and circulation with the addition of
swingjet technology.

How the In-Floor Cleaning System Was Born

Pool Tender

A couple of generations before the advent of in-floor cleaning systems Paramount launched Pool Tender.  Pool Tender worked in Above Ground and In-Ground pools and included long hoses extending out of a floating base.  These hoses, when activated by water pressure, would move around on the floor and walls of the pool emitting a pressurized flow of water that would serve to stir up the debris in a pool.  The debris would then have a better opportunity to find its way to a skimmer or drain.

The early ideas for in-floor pool cleaning and circulation systems were germinated by advancements in sprinkler technology.  Years ago you would place an oscillating sprinkle of some sort, attached to a garden hose, out in your yard.  After some period of time you would move that sprinkler to another spot in the yard to water a different portion of the yard, etc.   At the end of the day you would remove the sprinkler and roll up the hose to get it off the grass and out of sight.  Along came the idea of burying the plumbing and sprinkler heads and an entire industry of automated sprinkler systems, water valves, etc., was born.

This same principle was behind the development of in-floor cleaning and circulation systems.  In fact, Paramount first took a Toro Sprinkler Head and modified it so that it could be installed in a swimming pool.  Over time Paramount developed a number of state-of-the-art in-floor cleaning systems for concrete, vinyl and fiberglass pools.  Paramount holds a number of patents aimed at making pool ownership as simple as possible.  Products include new nozzle (cleaning jet) technology, a sophisticated, reliable, pressure driven water distribution valve, a deck-side debris containment canister, an Ozone water purifying system, VGB compliant safety drains, a brand new autofill product known as Paralevel and many other products

Written By: Bill Burt, Director of Sales and Marketing

Updates on Paralevel, Module and SwingJet

It’s here!  For all of you that have wanted a Pour Lid for the Paramount Paralevel – we now have one.  It comes in Gray and Beige and is available now from Paramount or your Distributor. Its Part Number is 004-762-2930-XX

Many questions have come in about why the 1 + 1 module comes in two versions, 4 gear and the 5 gear.  The 4 gear is for running cycles of approximately 3 minutes per circuit and is used for two circuit systems.  These would be spas, circulation systems and negative edge basins.  The 5 gear module runs for approximately 12 minutes per circuit and is used for running two other 6 port valves on larger pools requiring up to 12 ports on a single pump.

The swing jet is gaining rave reviews in its ability to sweep out much larger areas in pools where down jets have been used in the past.  Remember that the swing jets must be on a water valve circuit or the pump must be cycled at least three times a day to make it rotate to all three positions.  It only changes positions when it is cycled off and on and it has three different positions giving it a 90-degree swing.  A maximum of three Swing Jets can be used on a circuit.   On a PCC system two Swing Jets can be placed with the two Down Jets above the fixed nozzles for the standard circuit on single pump system.  If the system is a booster pump cleaning system then the filter pump needs to cycle three times a day to allow the two Swing Jets cycle to all three positions.  Keep in mind that the off time of the filter pump should be only a few minutes if cycling that pump while the cleaner booster pump is on.

Written by Jim Serkland, Technical Support Manager

May is National Water Safety Month – Is Your Pool Safe?

As the month of May comes to an end, Paramount would like to remind everyone to keep your pool safe. For National Water Safety Month, we are highlighting the patented SDX, our high flow safety drain. It is compliant with the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act of 2008.

SDX is a high flow suction outlet suitable for use as a wall fitting and also as a floor drain when debris removal is not a concern. A “Retro” version is available to bring existing suction outlet covers into compliance with the new law. SDX Retro fits existing plaster rings up to 10” in diameter.

SDX boasts a flow rating of 200 gpm on the floor and 192 gpm on the wall making it compatible with most residential pumps up to 3 hp. SDX has a 1.485 feet per second velocity at the opening at a maximum listed 200 gpm.

Visit the National Water Safety Month website for more information about water safety.

Water Valve Troubleshooting

Technical Forum


Water Valve
1. If not working always try to wash off the module to clean off dirt and check for turning by rotating the inside gear.
2. If a piston is in the open position this does not always mean that the module is bad. As the diaphragms get old they get weak and some times do not close with out being under pressure in the system.
3. The gear that touches the out side gear ring is at the point where the cam that opens the piston is. This is how you can tell which port is the problem.
4. A high pressure on one port is an indication of either a plugged nozzle or the wrong nozzle sizing.
5. A low pressure on one port is an indication of the wrong nozzle sizing.
6. A low pressure on more than one port could be a bad piston on a module, a plugged pump impeller, an air leak on the suction side of the pump, or on a single pump system a dirty filter-no by pass on heater-or some blockage or diversion of water before the water valve.
7. Firing order for valve configurations: all valves rotate clockwise
-Six port: Runs each of the zones in sequential order, firing each zone individually for 30-45 seconds (at 18-22 psi.), then raising the next zone running both zones for 5-10 seconds(at 6-10 psi), then closing the previous zone to run the next zone individually for 30-45 seconds, and so on…

-Nine port: This runs the first three zones of the pool on the 4 port control valve (look for the connector tubes on the top of the valve module which tie the three zones together which send water to the adjoining valve), during which only this valve has pressure, then sends water for three cycles to the adjoined six port valve (during which both valves will show pressure, the control valve will be 1-3 psi higher), then again back to the control valve for zones 1 thru 3 again. The firing order will something like: 1,2,3,4,5,6,1,2,3,7,8,9…

-Twelve port: On this system, the control valve is a two port valve containing a     special 5 gear module which runs at approximately 1/3 the speed of our standard  4 gear module (keep in mind that the 4 gear modules have five gears on them,  but one is not functioning and is offset). Look for two sets of “jumper tubes” on the top of the module, going outside of the gear plate assembly. This control  valve sends water to each of the two six port modules adjoined to it for approximately 10-12 minutes, running those 6 zones for up to 3 cycles or more,  then transferring to the other six port valve to do the same.

Being All Wet is a Good Thing – When You’re Testing Pool Products

“It’s not a good day if you don’t get wet.”  This isn’t just my motto as an avid scuba diver, it’s my motto when it comes to product testing, and here at Paramount Pool and Spa Systems we do a LOT of testing.  Most of which takes place in a pool or test tank.

Jokes aside, Paramount takes advantage of the latest technologies for testing during all stages of product development.  This includes creating the components as 3D models so we can take advantage of virtual testing like FEA (Finite Element Analysis), flow analysis, motion simulation, and other types of testing even before a prototype part is made.

We will make changes and improvements to product components based on lessons learned from the virtual testing.  A product may go through several rounds of virtual testing before getting the nod to go to the next step: prototypes.

After the prototypes are created, it’s time to get wet, almost.  We may do hundreds of hours of functional testing with prototype parts.  The kind of testing depends on the part, the product, and what we hope to learn from the test.  Is it an accelerated life test?  Testing drain covers to ASME A112.19.8-07?  Finding the functional envelope of something new?

We want to know what works and what walks.  And oh yeah, we get wet.  We take the lessons learned and roll them back into the design, make new prototypes, and do it all again.  As I said, we do a lot of testing.

I haven’t even talked about field testing, or all the testing we do after we have production parts, or the testing we do as part of the manufacturing process.  That will have to be in another blog.  I just got a call from one of my dive buddies, Whiskers.  He wants to meet at the lake.  You know what I always say sometimes, “It’s not a good day if you don’t get wet.”

Author: Steve Sharp is the R&D manager at Paramount

Meet the Latest Swingers at Paramount

We recently announced SwingJet, our latest innovation to enhance water circulation and pool cleaning. SwingJet offers the follwing:

  • Fits into most 1 1/2″ threaded wall returns
  • Adjustable 3-step 90 degree cleaning arc
  • Only wall return with ratcheting sweep technology
  • Patented automatic reversing mechanism
  • For concrete, vinyl & fiberglass pools

Bill Burt and Jim Serkland discuss the highlights of SwingJet:

What are you thougts about SwingJet? Please leave a comment.