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Passport to Paradise 2013 and 2014

Hawaii-SwitzerlandThis year we are taking a completely different approach to our Passport to Paradise incentive trip announcement. We’ve decided to give you both 2013 and 2014 destinations. In 2013, we are headed to Hawaii to the beautiful Kahala Hotel and Resort. The trip will take place January 14 – 19, 2013.
In 2014, we will be going to a completely new destination; Switzerland. In Switzerland, we’ll be staying at the magnificent Fairmont Le Montreux Palace in Geneva.
By announcing both trips, we hope builders will be able to easier decide whether or not to roll their points to the following year. We hope our builders are as excited about these destinations as we are. Happy Selling.

One Week Left to Qualify – Double and Triple Points

Time is running out to qualify for this year’s Passport to Paradise incentive trip with your choice of an Alaskan or Caribbean cruise. Can’t decide which cruise to choose…then earn enough points to choose both! During the month of August we’re making it easier for you to qualify with Double & Triple points on all Paramount products. Just earn 3,200 points for a full trip or 2,490 for a ground package trip by August 31, 2010 and come set sail with us. We are offering double and triple points for all of our products plus double points for select vendors.

Double Point Value:
MDX2 – 20 pts
Clear03 – 20 pts
Water Valve – 20 pts
WaterFalls – 10 pts
Canister – 10 pts
Air-Port – 10 pts
SDX – 6 pts
Body & Nozzle – 6 pts
RetroJet – 4 pts

Triple Point Value:
JetPaks – 30 pts
MVFuse In-Deck – 30 pts
Canister with MVFuse – 30 pts
MVFuse Retro Fit – 15 pts
Parascope – 15 pts
Paralevel – 15 pts
Swing Jet – 9 pts

Plus Double Points for the Following Vendors:


Double/Triple Points Details:
1. Owners points are not eligible for the Double and Triple Points in this promotion.
2. Applies to purchases through distribution (points and free goods require submission of a distributor invoice to Paramount).
3. Points are awarded on purchased product.
4. This promotion only applies to U.S. Paramount Authorized Dealers.
5. International customers need to contact their nearest distributor.

Updates on Paralevel, Module and SwingJet

It’s here!  For all of you that have wanted a Pour Lid for the Paramount Paralevel – we now have one.  It comes in Gray and Beige and is available now from Paramount or your Distributor. Its Part Number is 004-762-2930-XX

Many questions have come in about why the 1 + 1 module comes in two versions, 4 gear and the 5 gear.  The 4 gear is for running cycles of approximately 3 minutes per circuit and is used for two circuit systems.  These would be spas, circulation systems and negative edge basins.  The 5 gear module runs for approximately 12 minutes per circuit and is used for running two other 6 port valves on larger pools requiring up to 12 ports on a single pump.

The swing jet is gaining rave reviews in its ability to sweep out much larger areas in pools where down jets have been used in the past.  Remember that the swing jets must be on a water valve circuit or the pump must be cycled at least three times a day to make it rotate to all three positions.  It only changes positions when it is cycled off and on and it has three different positions giving it a 90-degree swing.  A maximum of three Swing Jets can be used on a circuit.   On a PCC system two Swing Jets can be placed with the two Down Jets above the fixed nozzles for the standard circuit on single pump system.  If the system is a booster pump cleaning system then the filter pump needs to cycle three times a day to allow the two Swing Jets cycle to all three positions.  Keep in mind that the off time of the filter pump should be only a few minutes if cycling that pump while the cleaner booster pump is on.

Written by Jim Serkland, Technical Support Manager