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96,000 Reasons Paramount Capital Finance is Working for You

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Are you linked to Paramount Capital’s new website?  There are now 96,000+ reasons to do so, if you are not!  In 2010, received over 96,000 visits, and if January and February of 2011 are any indication of what’s to come, that number is going to increase dramatically.

We are very pleased to announce that our new website is up and running!  Not only do we have a great new look, but we have added new resources and features for Paramount dealers and their customers.  Here are some of the new features and some highlights of the services we provide to our Paramount dealers:

NEW Resource page for your website (log-in required)

– Increase your leads and visibility: received over 96,000 visits in 2010

–Customized finance link and web-page for your website

–Free service for your customers

NEW professional, clean look and application process

NEW automatic email response to you and your customer anytime an

application is completed on your customized finance link

The finance link that we offer exclusively to Paramount dealers has taken on a life of its own this past year.  Depending on how and where you place the link on your website, really determines its effect on your business.  We are seeing a lot of Paramount dealers receive a large increase in phone activity and leads through the link.  To help capture this business and to further offer better service, we have created an automated response email customized to each dealer’s finance link.  Now, any customer that applies on a dealer’s customized finance link, not only will the customer receive an email response acknowledging the receipt of the application, but the dealer will included on that email, thanking the customer for choosing Paramount Capital and that dealer!  This allows dealers to know who has exactly applied on their finance link.

Website activity is up, applications are up and approvals are up.  Our lender programs continue to get better.  Let Paramount Capital help your business thrive in 2011!

Scott Pleasant/Finance Manager

Got Finance Links?

We are in the process of developing a more efficient way for builders to link Paramount Capital Finance to their websites.  The web link is proving to be an excellent tool for our dealers and I would like to encourage our dealers to utilize this service.  You can still get a link on your site now while we are waiting for IT to complete the backend of the new process.  We’ll let everyone know when the new process is completed and ready to go.

The link is a great tool for our builders. It enhances your site with an option for your customers.  It provides a secure way for your customer to apply, while also providing us in the financing dept., a great way of tracking your customers’ applications.  It is a very efficient and streamlined system for your customers and the pre-approval process.

You can call me or just put a request in online:


Scott Pleasant

Finance Manager