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Water Valve
1. If not working always try to wash off the module to clean off dirt and check for turning by rotating the inside gear.
2. If a piston is in the open position this does not always mean that the module is bad. As the diaphragms get old they get weak and some times do not close with out being under pressure in the system.
3. The gear that touches the out side gear ring is at the point where the cam that opens the piston is. This is how you can tell which port is the problem.
4. A high pressure on one port is an indication of either a plugged nozzle or the wrong nozzle sizing.
5. A low pressure on one port is an indication of the wrong nozzle sizing.
6. A low pressure on more than one port could be a bad piston on a module, a plugged pump impeller, an air leak on the suction side of the pump, or on a single pump system a dirty filter-no by pass on heater-or some blockage or diversion of water before the water valve.
7. Firing order for valve configurations: all valves rotate clockwise
-Six port: Runs each of the zones in sequential order, firing each zone individually for 30-45 seconds (at 18-22 psi.), then raising the next zone running both zones for 5-10 seconds(at 6-10 psi), then closing the previous zone to run the next zone individually for 30-45 seconds, and so on…

-Nine port: This runs the first three zones of the pool on the 4 port control valve (look for the connector tubes on the top of the valve module which tie the three zones together which send water to the adjoining valve), during which only this valve has pressure, then sends water for three cycles to the adjoined six port valve (during which both valves will show pressure, the control valve will be 1-3 psi higher), then again back to the control valve for zones 1 thru 3 again. The firing order will something like: 1,2,3,4,5,6,1,2,3,7,8,9…

-Twelve port: On this system, the control valve is a two port valve containing a     special 5 gear module which runs at approximately 1/3 the speed of our standard  4 gear module (keep in mind that the 4 gear modules have five gears on them,  but one is not functioning and is offset). Look for two sets of “jumper tubes” on the top of the module, going outside of the gear plate assembly. This control  valve sends water to each of the two six port modules adjoined to it for approximately 10-12 minutes, running those 6 zones for up to 3 cycles or more,  then transferring to the other six port valve to do the same.