Paramount’s strong commitment to the growing pool industry hasn’t changed since 1964. We are continually innovating new, efficient and effective products to keep pools clean and healthy with a mindset towards being environmentally friendly. Our vast array of products, from in-floor cleaning systems and water sanitization products, to debris removal and pool/spa features will make your pool more enjoyable with minimal maintenance year after year

Developing pool products is only a part of what makes Paramount, we are dedicated to providing you with best-in-class customer service. Our knowledgeable team at Paramount is available to help you build a pool that cleans itself.

Striving to be more that just a manufacturer, Paramount is committed to helping our authorized dealers succeed at every level. This includes Paramount’s New Pool Financing program. Offered exclusively to Paramount Authorized builders, this complementary program assists consumers who are building a pool with a Paramount dealer to obtain a pool loan program to best fit their needs and budget to build the backyard of their dreams.

A foundation of industry experience
Believing nothing can replace real world experience, Paramount founded the Paramount Advisory Committee Enterprise to act as a product development advisory board. P.A.C.E. consists of pool builders from around the country, working together to improve Paramount’s existing products while developing future advancements for the automatic pool cleaning industry. A number of improvements in the in-floor industry are a direct result of this advisory board and exclusive to Paramount.