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Which system do I have? 2019-01-09T18:12:13+00:00

Vanquish is for vinyl pools and Vantage is for fiberglass composite pools.
PCC, PV3, Pool Valet, and Cyclean are all systems for concrete pools.
Eco Pool system is a circulation and heating system for concrete pools.
Compare the pictures of the cleaning heads under the names above with pictures of the heads on cleaning systems at www.1paramount.com to determine the system you have.

How do I install the Pool Valet retro head kit? 2019-01-09T18:17:11+00:00

The sleeve in the kit is the part that glues into the existing Pool Valet body. The flange on the sleeve covers up the old body and should be pushed down when gluing it in position so it is flush with the plaster. Some times this requires tapping it into place. If you are gluing with the pool full of water, use glues called wet or dry (some brand names Christy’s, Pool Tite, and Turf Tite), usually available at hardware stores, pool stores, Home Depot or Lowes. Apply these glues to the dry sleeve only, then quickly push the part into the broken body, making sure it is completely flush with the plaster. After you have glued the sleeve in place allow 24 hours before turning on the pump. As for the nozzle, use the medium hole size to replace a one hole (drilled out all the way in the old Pool Valet nozzle) or a large hole size if the old Pool Valet head was a two hole drilled out all the way nozzle. The small hole cap is for very small top steps. To install the cap, select desired cap size and place it on the top of the nozzle. Place the nozzle on a firm surface and strike down on the cap with the palm of your hand which will snap the cap into place. Be sure to use the correct cap size, as they do not come back off once installed.

Is there any guarantee on the components of the Pool Valet? 2019-01-09T18:22:16+00:00
Why are there two types of nozzles in my pool? 2019-01-09T18:20:49+00:00

The large nozzles on the floor are designed to clean long distances or large areas of the floor of the pool. The smaller nozzles on the steps do not need to clean such large areas and are designed to clean the steps the most efficiently.

Why do the floor nozzles install counter-clockwise? 2019-01-09T18:22:47+00:00

As the nozzle extends and retracts, it pushes against the cams in the retainer putting a counter-clockwise load on the retainer. The nozzle installing counter-clockwise then is always being pushed into the seat.

Is there any guarantee on the components of the PV3? 2019-01-09T18:23:13+00:00
Why do the nozzles cycle up and down? 2019-01-09T18:23:52+00:00

The Ecopool nozzles have to cycle up and down to be able to rotate and move to a different position in the pool to give complete circulation.

How does the Ecopool system save on chemicals? 2019-01-09T18:25:11+00:00

By circulating the pool water enabling the chemicals to reach even the worst circulated areas of a pool. Some examples of these areas are around the steps, corners and light housings, areas that are prone to algae formation. The increased circulation in these areas allows the algae/bacteria killing chemicals and the acid in your pool water to do their job at lesser strengths making the water more enjoyable to swim in and reducing maintenance time and costs.

I have solar why should I have an Ecopool system? 2019-01-09T18:26:33+00:00

For the same reasons that gas or electric heating bills are reduced up to 30%, the Ecopool system increases the effectiveness of your solar by up to 30%.

What is an Ecopool system and will it clean my pool? 2019-01-09T18:26:56+00:00

The Ecopool system is not a cleaning system. It is designed to give you the best possible circulation for your pool. The Ecopool system’s increased circulation will reduce heating and chemical cost by completely mixing the heated water from the floor of the pool into the body of pool water before the heat reaches the surface and dissipates into the air saving up to 30 percent on heating cost.

The lid on my canister keeps coming off and the pump loses prime. What can I do? 2019-01-09T18:32:04+00:00

First, check to make sure you are locking the lid into place. The lid turns clockwise and stops; to lock it in place you must push down on it and turn once more clockwise to make it go into the locked position. If you have been doing this and the lid still comes off then most likely some or all of the hold down wedges on the side of the canister that lock the lid in place have come off. We have made a change on the Paramount leaf canisters in this area and the new part is called a canister ring stop. This is available to retro fit into your older style canister Part number 005-670-6192-02.

Does my leaf canister need an O-ring to seal? 2019-01-09T18:32:04+00:00

Paramount’s DDC canister has a patented water seal lid and does not normally use an O-ring. The canister is plumbed with an equalizer line going into the pool that allows the water to remain in the canister at the same level as the pool. The water then seals the clear lid when the pump is on. This design allows for easy removal of the lid, unlike other types of canisters that have O-ring seals with threaded lids or clamps. In some cases a company may not have plumbed in the equalizer line or a special application such as negative edge basins. This may require an O-ring to obtain the proper seal of the lid. If this is the case then part number 005-152-0120-00 is available.

Can I vacuum into the canister? 2019-01-09T18:32:04+00:00

Yes. In addition, you may remove the clear lid and insert your vacuum hose in the suction outlet in the bottom of the canister.

Can I attach suction cleaners to the canister? 2019-01-09T18:31:22+00:00

The canister is very effective in enhancing the operation of suction cleaners. The canister is located at a central position in the pool, and using the 2″ side outlet stubbed through the side of the pool. You must use a spring-loaded vac plate over the hole through the pool wall.

Why should I have the canister on my system? 2019-01-09T18:32:04+00:00

The canister enhances the operation of the system keeping it at maximum efficiency for much longer than a system without it. Consequently, you need to empty the canister bag less frequently.

Is the canister a skimmer? 2019-01-09T18:32:04+00:00

The canister is not a skimmer. The canister is a debris containment system that allows the system to work at maximum efficiency without starving the suction of the pump. The canister installs in the suction line, and holds 400% more debris than a standard pump basket.

My ClearO3 ozone connects at the pump. I notice that I have air accumulation at the top of the filter. Is this normal? 2019-01-09T18:32:45+00:00

Ozone is a gas and will accumulate to some degree in the top of the filter. However to make sure this is a minor accumulation, the sight glass and metering needle valve must be set when the pump is working at it’s highest speed. On a multi-speed pump this may be the startup speed. Then when the pumps speed is lowered for normal operation the ball in the sight glass will drop down. This is normal, do not readjust needle valve at the lower speed. The needle valve is still set to the proper place and is delivering Ozone. Only set the needle valve after filter cleanings.

Do I need surface returns with my In-Floor System? 2019-01-09T18:33:50+00:00

The PCC, Vector, and Vanquish system do not require the use of surface returns. The force of the nozzles mixes and turns over the surface water reducing surface debris and eliminating the need to direct water to the surface.

What glue do I use to install the nozzle bodies and water valve? 2019-01-09T18:33:50+00:00

You must use an approved solvent cement to make up the joints on both fittings. For more information, call Customer Service at 1.800.621.5886.

How do the nozzles rotate? 2019-01-09T18:33:50+00:00

The nozzles have an offset hole that thrust the nozzle forward while it transitions from the up to down position. Each time the nozzle comes on it is in a new position and cleans a new area of the pool.

Where do I add DE Powder if I have a Venturi skimmer or booster pump system? 2019-01-10T14:58:58+00:00

Booster pump: You may add DE to the skimmer with booster pump for the cleaning system turned off, and the filter pump turned on.
Venturi Skimmer: If it is a Venturi skimmer, with the filter pump running, the Venturi must be turned off and if your pool has a separate cleaner booster pump, it must also be off.

Why is it important to rinse a cartridge filter before removing the filter element? 2017-04-25T18:26:07+00:00

Failure to rinse the inside of the filter with the drain plug removed will cause debris to reenter the pool and possibly damage the module in the water valve, when the cartridge is lifted out.

Why is there a switch on top of the water valve? 2019-01-10T15:02:10+00:00

The switch is the pause feature; use it to stop the valve on a selected zone. This is helpful when you want the pool to have circulation but may not want nozzles popping up under foot. In addition, service technicians may use it to troubleshoot the system.

If my module fails, can I run my pool without it? 2019-01-10T15:02:47+00:00

The water valve housing does not need a module in place to have water go through it. Remove the module and replace the seal lid and clamp, and water will be sent to all return points in the pool, so you will have circulation but no cleaning action until the module is replaced.

Why is my water valve next to the pool instead of by the equipment? 2019-01-10T15:03:25+00:00

Placing the water valve next to the pool greatly reduces the quantity of pipe necessary to plumb the system. It also allows easier servicing of the system with the pause knob readily available to the pool area.

Why does my water valve pressure fluctuate? 2019-01-10T15:05:48+00:00

Each time the water valve switches; the next port opens before the one that has finished shuts off. The Paramount water valve always operates so that the system is pressure safe.

How do the nozzle zones sequence? 2019-01-10T15:08:50+00:00

A patented water valve controls all of Paramount’s cleaning and circulation systems. Water flows through the valve and out to the strategically placed nozzles in the pool. The zones switch automatically in a set sequence with no electrical hookup.

How can I pressure test the system? 2019-01-10T15:09:46+00:00

A special molded plug is available to fit the body that will hold up to 50psi.

What is the purpose of the o-ring on the nozzle? 2019-01-10T15:13:59+00:00

The O-ring acts as a cushion or spring to make the bayonet lock work.

If a nozzle seems to be working but the area around it is not cleaning, what is wrong? 2019-01-10T15:16:04+00:00

There is probably a blockage in the nozzle. Remove the nozzle and clear the blockage.

How do I determine if a sticking nozzle is a nozzle problem or a valve problem? 2019-01-10T15:17:32+00:00

Turn off the pump. If the nozzle retracts it is a module problem. If the nozzle stays up it is a stuck nozzle. (Exception PCC fixed nozzles. See PCC fixed nozzles.)

How do I get debris out of the body so my nozzle will go in? 2019-01-10T15:26:28+00:00

Before installing a nozzle into a body that has been without a nozzle for any period of time the line, allow the system to blow the line to eliminate any debris that may have fallen into the line. If some debris, rocks, is to heavy to lift out of the line, place the install tool over the hole to create turbulence in the body cup. This will eliminate any debris in the body cup.

Why do the nozzles install counter-clockwise? 2019-01-10T15:27:11+00:00

As the nozzle extends and retracts, it pushes against the cams in the retainer putting a counter-clockwise load on the retainer. The nozzle installing counter-clockwise then is always being pushed into the seat.

Where can I find a replacement manual for my Water Valve? 2019-01-10T15:36:53+00:00

You can download the Paramount Water Valve here.

Why use a booster pump? 2019-01-10T16:46:28+00:00

The addition of a booster pump to the system allows the cleaning nozzles to continue to work at peak efficiency because they are not subject to an increasingly dirty filter. The system then allows the pool water to be turned more quickly, thereby not needing to run as long.

Is there any guarantee on the components of the Paramount cleaning systems? 2017-04-25T18:58:11+00:00
Do the nozzles need to be set in a specific sequence? 2019-01-10T16:47:44+00:00

The nozzles themselves do not need to be sequenced, as they will not stay in sequence for long.

Why should the heater have an external bypass on non-booster pump systems? 2019-01-10T16:48:35+00:00

Even though most heaters come with an internal bypass an external bypass is required to ensure that both heater and in-floor system function properly. The high flows with the in-floor system do not allow efficient transfer of heat in the heater, so a bypass is necessary to slow down the water going over the heat exchanger. The bypass also reduces the restriction on the system.

Why are there two drains in my pool? 2019-01-10T16:50:25+00:00

Two points of suction are safer than one and are now required by the VGB National law for swimming pools. The exception is a drain that is designed as unlock-able.

What is the purpose of the water curtain, collection zone? 2019-01-10T16:51:52+00:00

The water curtain directs the debris swept up by the nozzles into the drain.

How do water falls, solar heating, spa spillovers, in-line chlorinators and dirty filters effect my cleaning system? 2019-01-10T16:52:55+00:00
All of these things take away flow and pressure from the in-floor cleaning system. When the in-floor system does not have proper flow and power it will not clean properly. Contact Technical Support at Paramount Pool and Spa Products at 800-621-5886 or jserkland@1paramount.com for technical support to get help on whether or not you can add any of these things to your pool and how they would affect the clean ability of the in-floor system.
Why did my pool builder not give me a tool to remove the cleaning heads in my pool? 2019-01-10T16:54:32+00:00

Cleaning heads have different size jets in them and many pool builders feel the home owner would not be aware that each head must go back in the body it came from. The head lay out is designed by Paramount and the nozzle sizing must be per plan or the system may not work properly.

Where can I get a security screw driver for working on my Main Drain or Side Drains? 2019-01-10T16:55:28+00:00

These tools are not available to the home owner and those products should not be disassembled by any one that is not trained or qualified. You should call trained people such as your pool builder and many pool service companies.

When I have two or three water valves and one has a module with tubes attaching 3 pistons on one or both sides how should it go into the base? 2019-01-10T16:58:01+00:00

The three pistons on the module that are attached together on top with a connector must be centered over the cut out section of the valve base with the two plugged holes and an open hole between them.

My water valve is leaking after I took it apart, what should I do? 2019-01-10T16:58:38+00:00

Take it apart and clean the O-ring and both the base with the O-ring grove and the lid of the water valve, then when you put it together tap on the clamp on the opposite sides of the clamp from the nut you are tightening to make it draw up properly, while tightening the nut. If the valve still leaks call 800-621-5886 for customer support.

What HP pump should I replace my old pump with? 2019-01-10T17:00:33+00:00

DO NOT GO BY HP, the criteria for a pool with a single pump running the cleaning system along with the filter and possibly the heater is that you need a pump that products a minimum of 65 gpm at 80 foot of head. On a pool with a booster pump operating the cleaning system you will need 60 gpm at 65 ft. of head. If the pool store does not know how to find this information then you are buying from the wrong place!

How do I tell if the water valve module needs replacing? 2019-01-10T17:04:50+00:00

There are two things to look for when a piston fails. A head or set of heads will stay in the up position until the pump is turned off and then they will drop down, and the pressure on the gauge of the water valve will be less than normal. The second is if the valve fails to rotate but the pressure on the gauge is still normal (minimum of 14 but preferred 19 to 20).
Exception: the PCC system may have one, two, or three fixed nozzles that are opposite the main drain that are not cycled by the water valve.

What pressure on the water valve gauge should my system operate at? 2019-01-10T17:05:34+00:00

Anywhere from 14 psi to 24 psi with maximum cleaning happening about 18 to 22 psi with the correct nozzle sizes installed.
NOTE: Nozzle size will affect the psi on the system and how well it cleans. The system is designed and specified with certain sizes at each location. Consult the Paramount supplied plan for correct sizes.
NOTE: DISTANCE FROM THE POOL AND PIPE SIZE AS WELL AS NUMBER OF TURNS IN THE PIPE (90 degree ells) can all increase or decrease the pressures and a clean pool is the true test.

What parts do I need to have to winterize my water valve and how do I winterize my in-floor system? 2019-01-10T17:07:09+00:00

The special winterizing plugs for 2 inch water valves are part number 004-302-1670-00 and you will need six of them per water valve.

Click on this link for winterizing instructions

How does the system remove debris from the pool? 2019-01-10T17:08:20+00:00

Strategically placed nozzles sweep up the dirt and debris and keep it in suspension so it is removed through the skimmer and drain as the water is turned over by the filtration system.

Why are two nozzles near the drain always up? 2019-01-10T17:08:57+00:00

The two nozzles make up part of the patented “Water Curtain” and direct debris to the drain for removal. They are not on the water valve; they are on the filter pump return line and stay up as long as the filter pump is on.

How do I winterize my pool? 2019-01-10T17:09:50+00:00

Winterizing a Paramount Pool & Spa Systems in-floor pool is the same as any pool with a main drain; it just has a few more lines to winterize. These procedures are to be used in addition to standard winterization methods normally used in your area.

Click on this link for winterizing instructions