Enjoy Your Virtually Maintenance Free Pool

Year After Year

Building a new pool is exciting! Building it with an in-floor cleaning system is exciting and virtually maintenance free. Paramount’s in-floor cleaning and circulation systems minimizes maintenance and maximizes enjoyment. Your new pool will be clean and swim ready all summer long. In-floor cleaning systems are eco-friendly and does more than just clean, it circulates water and chemicals from the bottom up to reduce evaporation of chemicals saving you money on chemical costs. Build a pool with Paramount’s in-floor pool cleaning system and enjoy peace of mind your pool will be clean, GUARANTEED* and the cleaning nozzles are covered by our lifetime-limited warranty.

Build a pool that cleans itself so you don’t have to

Relax and enjoy your new, low maintenance, always swim ready, refreshing pool build with an in-floor cleaning system from the World’s #1 In-floor Cleaning System Company since 1964.SEE ALL

Save Up To 80%
On Chemical Costs

Achieve healthier, cleaner pool water naturally using up to 80% less chemicals. The use of powerful UV light is healthier for you and for the environment. Learn More