Swim In A Healthier, Cleaner, Warmer Pool!

Now, enjoy the beauty and lifestyle you always wanted in a backyard fiberglass pool! Get the combined benefits of complete water circulation and thorough pool cleaning in one system. Vantage’s patented “water curtain” or collection zone makes easy and automatic cleaning a reality! With Vantage Plus, automatically clean steps, benches, swimouts and even spas… easily and efficiently with additional rotating nozzles. Dramatic savings on chemical costs and a healthier, cleaner pool! An ordinary pool’s water is not circulated efficiently, promoting non-active areas where algae develops requiring more chemicals.

How Vantage Cleans

Vantage’s Powerful

Cleaning Nozzle

The Vantage system turns your pool into a passive, solar-heated pool for extended swimming season enjoyment and energy savings. For pools with conventional heaters, Vantage can save up To 50% in Heating Costs!
The Vantage system circulates chemically treated, filtered pool water through patented pop-up nozzles located in the floor of the pool. Unlike conventional systems, the Vantage system’s bottom to top circulation penetrates all layers of your pool water.

Save Up To 50% on

Chemicals & Energy

For Pools With Conventional Heaters, Vantage can save up to 50% in heating costs!

Available in 5 designer colors

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