The Parascope®, telescoping water feature and the Parascope® Mini Bubbler (Available separately) are beautiful additions to any pool or spa. These elegant water features elevate the aesthetic look of your pool and give you the calming sounds of a gentle waterfall. Once it’s time to swim, Parascope® descends flush with your pool or spa floor, steps, benches, or sun decks making them virtually undetectable. With the added flexibility of the Parascope® and the Parascope® Mini Bubbler you are able to enjoy its relaxing sights and sounds whenever you desire. Parascope® is an affordable way to enhance your pool or spa experience.


• Variable height – works in water depths up to 36″
• Water feature retracts flush with the pool or spa floor
• Mini Bubbler is perfect for steps, benches and sun decks in water depths up to 18″

4 Fountain Styles

• Flower
• Bubbler
• Umbrella
• Mini Bubbler

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Available in 7 designer colors