Smart, energy efficient, venturi pool skimmer

The new ParaskimV venturi pool skimmer utilizes venturi action to deliver more skimming power when the pump running at low speeds for better energy efficiency and surface debris removal. It’s up to 70% more efficient than other venturi skimmers and up to 200% more efficient than regular skimmers. The perfect match for an in-floor cleaning system and multi speed pumps. Our high tech design makes it the most advanced skimmer available. The offset venturi design allows for easy access to the vacuum hose connection. An innovative anti-entrapment design incorporated into the skimmer to prevent hair, limb and body entrapment. A newly designed weir door for better water flow and less potential for debris to be trapped in the door. It also provides a more efficient method of introducing ozone into the pool. Design your pool with the advanced Paraskim V to remove debris from your pool at low energy efficient pump speeds. The ParaskimV is available in 4 colors to match your pool deck and in a non-venturi version, the Paraskim.

Paraskim V venturi pool skimmer. HIGH-PERFORMANCE

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