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Bring your pool alive with dancing water

Create a dramatic pool that will be the envy of the neighborhood. Enjoy the sight and sounds of water and bubbles dance around your pool. Design your pool with Parascope pool fountain and Airbar.

Hydrotherapy made easier and relaxing

Customizing your spa is easy with Parajets. You decide which style of jet you prefer and where you want to place it to deliver a relaxing stream of water or tension relieving shiatsu style hydrotherapy.

Illuminate your pool in brilliant light

• High intensity ceramic light engine (LED) technology
• Ceramic light engine available in blue, white or multi-color
• Uses up to 90% less energy than a 100 watt halogen light
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Automatic Water leveler

• Simple to set, use and winterize
• Easy, accurate “Posi-Click” adjustment
• Smaller footprint in your pool deck
• “Smart-Sensing” not affected by water splashing
• Large balance line
• Overflow line ready
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