Paramount Pool & Spa Systems’ MDX-R3 VGB Compliant Debris Drain effectively eliminates debris that is delivered to the drain and offers several layers of anti-entrapment protection for your loved ones.

mdx-r3 vgB compliant deBris drain

The MDX-R3 VGB compliant debris drain is the latest advancement in drain safety and debris removal. MDX-R3 is a highly efficient drain that allows dirt, leaves, and other debris to be effectively removed from your pool.

sdx2 high flow Saftey drain

MDX-R3 also offers multiple layers of protection, including the vgb 2008 compliant SDX2 high flow safety drain®. if the MDX-R3 ever becomes blocked, the SDX2 absorbs the full flow of the pump to relieve excessive suction and provide a back-up layer of anti-entrapment safety.

DDC2 & EDC (optional)

The high capacity Deck Side Debris Canister (DDC2) and Equipment Side Debris Canister (EDC) are designed to capture more debris and reduce cleaning time. The basket holds up to 68% more debris than any other canister.

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• Certificate of Conformity
2008 VGB Compliant

Available in 6 designer colors