The only aim-able, ratcheting down jet that cleans your pool steps, benches and walls clean

Paramount Pool and Spa Systems, the world’s leader in automatic In-Floor Pool Cleaning Systems, continues its commitment to pool cleaning and enhanced water circulation with another patented product – Swingjet. Designed to fit into most 1 ½” threaded wall returns, Swingjet delivers an infinitely adjustable 3-step 90 degree cleaning arc with an innovative automatic reversing mechanism.


Step 1

Hydraulically-engineered Swingjets are placed as wall returns. When activated the Swingjets pop out to deliver a high-pressure stream of water.

Step 2

When not operating the Swingjets retract and then rotate to a new position upon the next activation.

Step 3

Swingjets can be aimed to focus the 90 degree cleaning arc to target steps, benches and hard to reach places.

SwingJets cleans

and circulates

water throughout

your pool

SwingJets keeps your pool clean and healthy by sweeping debris away and circulating warmer water and chemicals from the surface to the pool for to help eliminate evaporation of chemicals and reduce heating costs.

ADD THE SwingSweep system PACKAGE to supercharge any


SwingSweep offers you the ability to take any Paramount cleaning system to the next level of cleaning and circulation with the addition of swingjet technology. SwingSweep is ideal as a stand alone system, improving both cleaning and circulation, and can even supercharge any Paramount In-floor Cleaning system. Watch Video

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Available in 8 designer colors