The Paramount Pool & Spa Systems’ Air-Port is easy to install, greatly improves the efficiency of the spa air intake line, and provides the customer with a quieter spa experience by reducing the noise created by air intake points in the spa deck to a virtually inaudible whisper. The Air-Port eliminates the need to run extended air intake lines and thereby eliminates the problems associated with flooded lines. Air-Port comes complete with a muffler that allows the air intake to operate very quietly for installation right next to the spa.

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Features and benefits

Feature 1

Optimizes the delivery of air into the spa air loop

Feature 2

Reduces the noise created by air intake points so it can be installed right  next to the spa

Feature 3

Eliminates the need to run an air intake pipe which could eliminate the need for a costly blower

Feature 4

Perfect for raised spas!

Feature 5

Easy to install

Feature 6

Available in three colors to blend with any deck

Available in 3 designer colors

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