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Authorized Arizona Paramount In-Floor System Service Techs

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There are currently 46 Service Techs in this directory
A Clear Choice Pool
Phone: 480-369-4540 Email: Jeb.pools@gmail.com Zip Code: 85244

A-OKAY Pool Services
Phone: 602-859-8889 Email: PhoenixPoolExpert@gmail.com Zip Code: 85011

Aqua Squad Pool Service & Repair
Phone: 480-628-1565 Email: aquasquadaz@gmail.com Zip Code: 85208

Aquata Pool Service Inc
Phone: 480-281-9990 Email: john.reeves@aquatapoolservice.com Zip Code: 85248

Arizona Mirage LLC
Phone: 623-243-0962 Email: bryce.reblin@arizonamirage.com, luv2huntnd@hotmail.com Zip Code: 85378

Arizona Quality Pool Service & Repair
Phone: 480-695-7665 Email: azqpools.net@gmail.com Zip Code: 85233

Ark Pool Construction
Phone: 626-696-6346 Email: mike@arkpoolconstruction.com Zip Code: 85396

ASP Queen Creek
Phone: 480-662-2351 Email: paul.baran@att.net Zip Code: 85143

AZ Oasis Pools
Phone: 480-694-1158 Email: christiaan@azoasispools.com, crawfordbrian@gmail.com Zip Code: 85226

B&L Pool Repair and Supply
Phone: 602-242-5845 Email: mikek@pooltroubles.com Zip Code:

Barefoot Pools
Phone: 602-546-7665 Email: brandon@barefootpoolman.com, jeffprager@gmail.com, shawn@barefootpoolman.com Zip Code: 85048

Barracuda Pool Service
Phone: 623-570-4571 Email: barracudapoolservice@cox.net Zip Code: 85355

Beyond Blue Pool Service
Phone: 480-369-3625 Email: beyondbluepoolservice@gmail.com Zip Code: 85298

Big Family Pools
Phone: 480-331-5331 Email: Bigfamilypools@gmail.com Zip Code: 85225

Blue Ribbon Pool Service
Phone: 480-540-7665 Email: poolfixer@gmail.com Zip Code:

Phone: 480-447-8775 Email: stephen@briphen.com, brian@briphen.com Zip Code: 85248

Cleanco Pools
Phone: 480-436-3134 Email: tapperback@gmail.com Zip Code: 85120

CT's Pool Service LLC
Phone: 480-206-7090 Email: ctspoolservice@yahoo.com Zip Code: 85142

Dave's Pool Supply and Service
Phone: 480-473-0862 Email: davespoolsupplyandservice@gmail.com Zip Code: 85331

Diving Dolphin Pool Service, LLC
Phone: 480-250-8933 Email: ddpoolservice12@gmail.com Zip Code:

Dual Cool Pool Service, LLC
Phone: 480-512-2076 Email: dualcoolpools@cox.net Zip Code: 85249

East Mesa Pools LLC
Phone: 480-286-3024 Email: mike@eastmesapools.com Zip Code: 85212

Emerald Pools and Spas, Inc
Phone: 602-527-6910 Email: Pono@emeraldpoolandspa.com Zip Code: 85027

Guardian Pool Care
Phone: 602-418-0043 Email: Bill@guardianpoolcare.com Zip Code: 85050

Home Run Pool Services
Phone: 480-522-8512 Email: homerunps@gmail.com Zip Code: 85298

Morris Pools
Phone: 480-440-8914 Email: daniel@morrispools.com Zip Code: 85210

OCD Pool Maintenance- East Valley
Phone: 480-313-4572 Email: jlcampo24@gmail.com Zip Code: 85298

Off The Deep End Pool Service, LLC
Phone: 480-433-0918 Email: nestor.velasquez@otdepool.com Zip Code: 85225

On Demand Pool Services
Phone: 623-225-0880 Email: drew@copperstateoutdoors.com Zip Code: 85023

Optimal Pools, LLC
Phone: 480-651-5868 Email: optimalpools@gmail.com Zip Code:

Paradise Pools
Phone: 210-213-5397 Email: paradisepoolryan@outlook.com Zip Code: 85261

Paradise Valley Motor Repair Inc.
Phone: 602-971-4655 Email: pvmotor@aol.com Zip Code: 85032

Pensacola Pools LLC
Phone: 212-542-0795 Email: 4488mc@gmail.com Zip Code: 85085

PLO Pools
Phone: 480-632-4665 Email: Lohoff@cox.net Zip Code: 85032

Pool Agency
Phone: 602-315-6657 Email: adam@poolagency.com, jpatterson6005@gmail.com Zip Code:

Poolscape AZ
Phone: 602-763-1186 Email: kevin@kpmpools.com Zip Code:

Pro Pool Clean LLC
Phone: 480-821-1981 Email: azpropoolclean@gmail.com Zip Code: 85297

Saguaro Landscaping and Pools
Phone: 480-782-0395 Email: carloscarrillox2@yahoo.com Zip Code: 85210

Saguaro Pool Repair
Phone: 602-734-5573 Email: Rex@fixmypoolaz.com Zip Code: 85085

Scottsdale Ranch Pools
Phone: 602-320-7954 Email: john.ryan@scottsdaleranchpools.com Zip Code: 85260

Sonora Pacific Pool Services, LLC
Phone: 602-430-5279 Email: sonorapacific@gmail.com Zip Code:

Splashtacular Pool Service
Phone: 602-620-3537 Email: splashtacularpool@yahoo.com, jeremymorganroth@gmail.com Zip Code: 85080

The Right Touch Pools
Phone: 623-300-4545 Email: detail.dave@gmail.com Zip Code: 85383

Trilogy Pools Service and Repair
Phone: 480-430-8129 Email: trilogypoolaz@yahoo.com Zip Code:

Vacation Pool Service
Phone: 602-721-2037 Email: hgunther@westernfleet.com Zip Code: 85044

Victor's Pool Service LLC
Phone: 480-898-9787 Email: victorspoolserviceaz@gmail.com Zip Code: 85210