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FAQ – Click on DDC2 manual for complete instructions

We recommend calling your pool builder or a pool professional

Can I attach suction cleaners to the canister?2019-01-09T18:31:22+00:00

The canister is very effective in enhancing the operation of suction cleaners. The canister is located at a central position in the pool, and using the 2″ side outlet stubbed through the side of the pool. You must use a spring-loaded vac plate over the hole through the pool wall.

Can I vacuum into the canister?2019-01-09T18:32:04+00:00

Yes. In addition, you may remove the clear lid and insert your vacuum hose in the suction outlet in the bottom of the canister.

Does my leaf canister need an O-ring to seal?2019-01-09T18:32:04+00:00

Paramount’s DDC canister has a patented water seal lid and does not normally use an O-ring. The canister is plumbed with an equalizer line going into the pool that allows the water to remain in the canister at the same level as the pool. The water then seals the clear lid when the pump is on. This design allows for easy removal of the lid, unlike other types of canisters that have O-ring seals with threaded lids or clamps. In some cases a company may not have plumbed in the equalizer line or a special application such as negative edge basins. This may require an O-ring to obtain the proper seal of the lid. If this is the case then part number 005-152-0120-00 is available.

Is the canister a skimmer?2019-01-09T18:32:04+00:00

The canister is not a skimmer. The canister is a debris containment system that allows the system to work at maximum efficiency without starving the suction of the pump. The canister installs in the suction line, and holds 400% more debris than a standard pump basket.

Replacement for the blue mesh bag.2019-02-18T20:24:07+00:00

The new part is a molded basket, part number 005-152-2207-00, that holds more debris. If you have debris like dog hair, pine needles, and fine silt debris that needs a fine mesh bag, part number is 004-152-4517-00. The fine mesh bag fits inside the molded basket and must be used with the basket not by itself.

The lid on my canister keeps coming off and the pump loses prime. What can I do?2019-01-09T18:32:04+00:00

First, check to make sure you are locking the lid into place. The lid turns clockwise and stops; to lock it in place you must push down on it and turn once more clockwise to make it go into the locked position. If you have been doing this and the lid still comes off then most likely some or all of the hold down wedges on the side of the canister that lock the lid in place have come off. We have made a change on the Paramount leaf canisters in this area and the new part is called a canister ring stop. This is available to retro fit into your older style canister Part number 005-670-6192-02.

What should I do when the internal lid in the DDC or DDC2 keeps coming off and the pump loses prime?2019-02-18T20:20:24+00:00
  1. First check to make sure you are locking the lid into place.The lid turns clockwise and stops; to lock it in place you must push down on it and turn once more clockwise to make it go to the locked position.
  2. If the lid won’t lock check to see if one or more of the wedges that hold the lid down have come off. On DDC canisters built before 2016, the canister ring stop has a repair part, part number 005-670-6192-02. This is available to retro fit into your older style DDC canister.
Why is the DDC or DDC2 debris canister sucking air?2019-02-18T20:30:50+00:00

DDC or DDC2: Make sure the pool water level is high enough that the lid is covered (it is a water sealed lid). Check to see that there is an opening about 18 inches down on the inside of the pool in front of the canister.  The opening should be a 1 ½ inch line. Make sure there are no restrictions over or in it.  If it is not there you will need to order an O-ring, part number 005-152-4580-00. The O-ring must be silicone in place on the underside of the lid. NOTE: This is only needed if the equalizer line was not installed on the unit. If the lid has water on top and the air coming in is under the lid, then you will have to call a service tech to clear the line.  The service tech will have to temporarily seal off the side SDX2 drain and blow out the main drain line with the discharge of a pump, making it go backwards into the main drain line. Alternately he could a scuba tank to blow air backwards into the main drain line.  Note: A diver may be needed to remove the drain top, so the debris can come out. Always be sure all drains are put back into open working condition before restarting the pump in normal operation. NEVER OPERATE THE PUMP WITH A SINGLE SUCTION OUTLET DESGNED TO WORK WITH TWO SUCTION OUTLETS.

Why should I have the canister on my system?2019-01-09T18:32:04+00:00

The canister enhances the operation of the system keeping it at maximum efficiency for much longer than a system without it. Consequently, you need to empty the canister bag less frequently.

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