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We recommend calling your pool builder or a pool professional

How do I install the Pool Valet retro head kit?2019-03-18T22:30:21+00:00

The sleeve in the kit is the part that glues into the existing Pool Valet body. The flange on the sleeve covers up the old body and should be pushed down when gluing it in position so it is flush with the plaster. Some times this requires tapping it into place. If you are gluing with the pool full of water, use glues called wet or dry (some brand names Christy’s, Pool Tite, and Turf Tite), usually available at hardware stores, pool stores, Home Depot or Lowes. Apply these glues to the dry sleeve only, then quickly push the part into the broken body, making sure it is completely flush with the plaster. After you have glued the sleeve in place allow 24 hours before turning on the pump. As for the nozzle, use the medium hole size to replace a one hole (drilled out all the way in the old Pool Valet nozzle) or a large hole size if the old Pool Valet head was a two hole drilled out all the way nozzle. The small hole cap is for very small top steps. To install the cap, select desired cap size and place it on the top of the nozzle. Place the nozzle on a firm surface and strike down on the cap with the palm of your hand which will snap the cap into place. Be sure to use the correct cap size, as they do not come back off once installed.

How do I know what size the nozzle jets should be on my in-floor system?2019-03-18T22:22:04+00:00
  1. PCC, Vector, Vanish, Vanquish, Vector, (large floor nozzles)
    1. one nozzle on a circuit = ¾ inch.
    2. two nozzles on a circuit = both ½ inch.
    3. Three nozzles on a circuit = (1) ½ inch, (2) ea. 3/8 of an inch.
    4. four nozzles on a circuit = all 4 jet sizes 3/8 of an inch.
  2. Fixed nozzles on any OF THE ABOVE SYSTEMS(large floor nozzles aimed towards the main drain) and stay up all the time the pump is on. JET SIZE if 4 or less feet from drain, ¼ inch, 4 to 8 ft. from the main drain, 3/8 of an inch.   THIS TYPE OF NOZZLE DOES NOT ROTATE, AND MUST BE AIMED AT the Main Drain.
  3. PV3, Cyclean, PCC step nozzle, Vantage step nozzles, Vanquish step nozzles, PVR, and Eco (small floor or step nozzles)
    1. Two nozzles on a circuit = 5/8 inch.
    2. Three nozzles on a circuit = 5/8 inch.
    3. Four nozzles on a circuit = 2 each 5/8 inch and 2 each 3/8 of an inch.
    4. Five nozzles on a circuit = 1 each 5/8 of an inch and 4 each 3/8 an inch.
    5. Six nozzles on a circuit = I each ¼ inch 5 each 3/8 inch.NOTE: THE SMALLER THE JET SIZE THE LESS CLEANING DISTANCE IT WILL COVER.
Some of the in-floor cleaning nozzles don’t pop up during the cleaning cycle, how do I fix it?2019-03-18T22:19:31+00:00

The nozzle(s) need to be removed with the proper nozzle removal tool and cleaned by placing it in the pool water and pushing it up and down several times.   While you are doing this you also should run the system without the nozzle to clean out the plumbing of the circuit the stuck nozzle(s) were in.  If the nozzle(s) still sticks it may need to be replaced. You may need to disassemble the nozzle to fully clean it. Nozzles have a life time warranty to the original pool owner.     

The cap came off of my small step nozzles: (PCC2000, Vantage or Vanquish), PV3, Cyclean, PVR or Eco Pool, what should I do?2020-05-27T15:51:53+00:00
  1. Check the inside of the cap that came off. If the cap has a vertical groove and a horizontal groove it is an older style snap on cap. Look for a split in the cap usually in or near the vertical groove. If it is split and you are the original owner of the system, it is covered under warranty. In either case it needs to be replaced. Call 800-621-5886 and Customer Service will help you get a replacement nozzle.
  2. If the nozzle has two L shaped grooves, then it’s a twist lock cap. Push it onto the nozzle stem and twist it clock-wise until it locks.
Why are there two types of nozzles in my pool?2019-03-18T22:30:09+00:00

The large nozzles on the floor are designed to clean long distances or large areas of the floor of the pool. The smaller nozzles on the steps do not need to clean such large areas and are designed to clean the steps the most efficiently.

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