To complete this installation option you will need a two way valve not included.

  1. Install the two way valve on the inlet pipe to the pump suction. (before the standpipe if installed)
  2. Make all other connections before the two way valve.
  3. Make tubing connections to the pump pot or standpipe as in standard pump above water level installation.
  4.  Start the pump with the valve fully open.

Note the filter pressure. Then close the valve slightly until the pressure on the filter drops two or three psi.

  1. Set  airflow. The slight restriction this creates on the pump is the same as if it was set at approximately one foot above water level and allows the pump to draw air in at the pump pot or standpipe.
  2. Lay the 3/8 tubing along desired route to the compression fitting on the combination needle valve flow meter on the Clear O3 unit.
  3. Connect the tubing to the compression fitting.
  4. Use the provided wires ties to tie the loose tubing to the conduit or plumbing.