1. Because it takes a long time for a cleaning nozzle to rotate even ¼ of the way around.
  2. The test is after the system has run for a couple of hours if there is only one narrow streak of clean area on the floor then the nozzle may not be rotating. The nozzles must come completely all the way up and go all the way down to rotate. The valve pressure gauge must be at 17 psi to 25 psi. and never should a set of nozzles stay up all the time, except on fixed nozzles (See 8 above). Check the valve is functioning properly and not bypassing water. See section 10 water valves.
  3. Check the nozzles are sized appropriately for the circuit.
  4. Make sure the pump rpm is set high enough to create the right pressure.
  5. Make sure the pump is not plugged and that the pump pot is full of water.
  6. Make sure that water is not being used for another water feature during the cleaning cycle.
  7. Make sure your filter is clean on the pump systems.


  • It is also possible that the nozzle in question has debris in it stopping it from cleaning and possibility rotating. If all these things look good take the nozzle in question out (never remove more than one at a time without marking them) as they are specific to the body, they are in. Check for debris in the center stem of the nozzle or in the ratchets around the nozzle stem.