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FAQ – Click on Buzztop Drain manual for complete instructions

We recommend calling your pool builder or a pool professional

How do I make an old 8 inch anti vortex debris accepting drain VGB compliant?2019-02-18T20:53:17+00:00

If it is an 8-inch cover that is flat on top and has a gap around the side or a grate style with larger openings around the edge, the Buzz Top channel drain would be the best choice. The pool will need to be drained and the old plastic ring embedded in the plaster chipped out. Minimally the pool finish around the pipe and an area large enough to position the channel drain over the pipe will need to be removed so that the replacement channel drain embedded part can be put into fresh pool finish. The new Buzz Top un-blockable drain is 30 inches long and 4 inch wide.  Part numbers are available from Paramount Customer Service at 800-621-5886.

How do I unplug drain line?2019-02-18T20:55:05+00:00

This is a job for a professional pool tech drained in drain safety to make sure your pool drain remains VGB compliant. They will need to blow the drain line backwards with Compressed air or a pump discharge of 50 to 60 GPM. A diver may also be needed to remove the top of the drain to allow all the debris to be removed.

How often do I have to replace the drain cover?2019-03-04T15:34:37+00:00

Paramount drain covers MDX-R3, SDX2, Buzztop, and MDX2 (the part exposed to UV rays) and threaded fasteners must be replaced every 5 years form installed date or whatever date is engraved on the cover.

Important information to know before refinishing your plaster, pebble or vinyl liner pool2019-02-19T15:04:22+00:00
  1. If your pool was built before 2009, it may have a drain(s) that is not compliant with the VGB Pool and Spa Safety Act (new national law concerning drain safety), and it must be replaced if you remodel the pool.In-floor cleaning systems remove debris they sweep up through the drain and must have an approved VGB debris accepting drain installed.   Your pool refinish company must call Paramount before starting to find out which of these drains will work on your pool.  In most cases some amount of demolition will be required.  Paramount 800-621-5886.
  2. All nozzles in the pool are specific to the body they are in and must be removed and marked so they are replaced in the proper body.
  3. Plaster caps to protect the bodies and lines for the in-floor system are available and need to be used prior to start of demolition thru the refinishing process. The refinish company should call Paramount 800-621-5886.
Why are there special screws on my drain cover?2019-02-18T21:35:46+00:00

Drain suction is dangerous and if the drain cover is tampered with or not installed properly the outlets may become unsafe and not in compliance. The safety screws are to discourage un-trained people from working on them.

Why does my main drain line get plugged?2019-02-18T20:56:52+00:00

On a pump with the main drain and one or more skimmer line(s), the skimmer(s) can only have one skimmer open at a time and it must be reduced to 1/3 of the way open otherwise the GPM pulled through the main drain will be so small that debris can be caught in it and will build up until the line is partially to fully blocked.

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