The sleeve in the kit is the part that glues into the existing Pool Valet body. The flange on the sleeve covers up the old body and should be pushed down when gluing it in position so it is flush with the plaster. Some times this requires tapping it into place. If you are gluing with the pool full of water, use glues called wet or dry (some brand names Christy’s, Pool Tite, and Turf Tite), usually available at hardware stores, pool stores, Home Depot or Lowes. Apply these glues to the dry sleeve only, then quickly push the part into the broken body, making sure it is completely flush with the plaster. After you have glued the sleeve in place allow 24 hours before turning on the pump. As for the nozzle, use the medium hole size to replace a one hole (drilled out all the way in the old Pool Valet nozzle) or a large hole size if the old Pool Valet head was a two hole drilled out all the way nozzle. The small hole cap is for very small top steps. To install the cap, select desired cap size and place it on the top of the nozzle. Place the nozzle on a firm surface and strike down on the cap with the palm of your hand which will snap the cap into place. Be sure to use the correct cap size, as they do not come back off once installed.