Ultraviolet & Ozone Are
Healthier Alternatives to Chlorine

UV light and ozone are healthier, more powerful alternatives to chlorine. The Ultra UV2, ultraviolet (UV) and ClearO3, ozone (O3) generators dramatically reduces the amount of chlorine usage and more eco-friendly than chlorine. The combination of UV and O3 creates Hydroxyl Radicals to oxidize inorganic waste products and inactivates harmful microorganisms resistant to chlorine leaving your pool crystal clear and healthy. UV and O3 reduces irritating red eye, discolored hair and swimsuits, and minimized harmful chloramines linked to asthma. It’s environmentally friendly, family friendly and produces no harmful byproducts. Add it to your new pool or an existing pool for a cleaner, healthier pool. Click here to download a comprehensive article about the synergy between UV and O3

HydraPure Advanced UV & Ozone Pool Sanitization System

HydraPure adds an additional layer of sanitization—it reduces irritating chloramines for softer, gentler water. UV and ozone protection reduces the amount of traditional or salt chlorine required for effective sanitization by 60% while creating incredibly clean, crystal clear pool water.

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Ultraviolet ozone pool system

Ultra UV2 and Clear O3 is an economical, healthy alternative to a chlorine swimming pool.

  • UV and ozone dramatically reduces chemical usage by up to 80%
  • Minimizes your exposure to potentially harmful chloramines and other contaminants
  • Reducing the potential for skin irritation, red eyes, and bacteria borne illness
  • Minimizes exposure to chloramines, which have been linked to asthma and other ailments

Ultra UV2 inactivates up to 99.9% of micro-organisms

UV inactives 99.9% of microoranisms such as Crypto, Giardi and algae which are resistant to chlorine instantly with ultraviolet light. Making your swimming pool clean and healthy.

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ultra uv2 ultraviolet pool


Ozone continually “shocks” your pool to keep it crystal clear and swim ready

The CLEARO3 ozone system is the perfect addition to any new or existing pool or spa for the cleanest water available. Learn More


The combination of Ultra UV2 and Clear O3 – ultraviolet, ozone swimming pool systems. UV inactivates micro-organisms that chlorine don’t and ozone continuously “shocks” your pool, when combined it increases the formation of Hydroxyl Radicals, a powerful oxidizer to keep your pool always swim ready.

ultraclear ultraviolet, ozone swimming pool systems