We do not replace every nozzle in a pool at one time and the replacement nozzle(s) will be the same color as the original and may not match the nozzles in the pool which have faded over time. Nozzles don’t all go bad at the same time.  Under warranty we will replace any nozzle(s) that are bad because of wear to the original pool owner. To determine if a nozzle is defective or worn out, you will need to remove it, blow out the line, and put the nozzle in the pool water and ratchet it up and down 5 or 6 times to make sure it is clear of debris. Then place it upright on a hard surface and push down all the way on the collar and let it come up.  It should ratchet smoothly and not stick.  If the nozzle does not have a spring then lift and push down a few times on the collar and it should operate smoothly (the PV3 nozzle will not rotate as they do not have ratchets, they must have water coming out of them to rotate).