1. All paramount in-floor nozzles except Pool Valet, have an O-ring and the compression of that O-ring is what holds the nozzle in place.Large nozzle O-ring 005-552-0142-00 small nozzle O-ring 005-552-0150-00 ea. Pack of O-ring contains 4.
  2. If you have a PCC, Vector, Vanish, Vantage or Vanquish nozzle then that nozzle is a reverse direction. Clockwise to remove and Counter-clockwise to install.
  3. The other nozzles that use the tool with four one-inch slots are counter clockwise to remove and clockwise to install.
  4. You must use the nozzle tool to install or remove the nozzles. Large nozzles with three one-inch long slots #004-552-5440-00.  Small nozzles with four one-inch slots = 004-552-5452-00. The nozzle tool locks on to the nozzle. When installing a nozzle, the tool should not be reversed to remove the tool from locking on the nozzle. Give the tool a jerk to shake it loose from the tool once the nozzle is locked in place.
  5. Pool Valet nozzles have a ring that screws into the female threads in the body.