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FAQ – Click on Clear O3 manual for complete instructions

We recommend calling your pool builder or a pool professional

Can I install an Ultra UV2 or Clear O3 on an above ground pool or a pool with the equipment below the water level?2019-02-19T17:02:44+00:00

Yes, but if the above ground pool water is higher than the equipment a flow switch part number 004-421-3824-00 must be used for the Ultra UV2 unit and an inline pressure side Mazzei injector part number 004-402-3873-00 would be needed for the ClearO3.   The pump and filter on an above ground vinyl pool may have to be replaced to do an adequate job for water turn over.

Chlorine tablet feeder stopped working after I installed the Clear O3. How do I fix it?2019-02-18T20:14:04+00:00

Try resetting the Clear O3 flow meter with the pump running at the highest speed so the red ball is just above the bottom line on the sight glass. If this does not work, then you will not be able to use the tablet feeder and will have introduce chlorine some other way.

How do I install the Clear O3 if my pump is below water level?2019-01-25T15:16:24+00:00

To complete this installation option you will need a two way valve not included.

  1. Install the two way valve on the inlet pipe to the pump suction. (before the standpipe if installed)
  2. Make all other connections before the two way valve.
  3. Make tubing connections to the pump pot or standpipe as in standard pump above water level installation.
  4.  Start the pump with the valve fully open.

Note the filter pressure. Then close the valve slightly until the pressure on the filter drops two or three psi.

  1. Set  airflow. The slight restriction this creates on the pump is the same as if it was set at approximately one foot above water level and allows the pump to draw air in at the pump pot or standpipe.
  2. Lay the 3/8 tubing along desired route to the compression fitting on the combination needle valve flow meter on the Clear O3 unit.
  3. Connect the tubing to the compression fitting.
  4. Use the provided wires ties to tie the loose tubing to the conduit or plumbing.
How do I set the flow meter ball with the needle valve?2019-01-25T15:08:20+00:00
  1. Clean filter and pump basket before setting airflow.
  2. Turn the knob on the needle valve/flow meter clockwise to close valve completely.
  3. Turn the power on to the pump.
  4. Turn the knob on the needle valve/flow meter counter clockwise until the ball reads in the middle of the two lines on the flow meter.
How do I winterize the Clear O3?2019-02-18T17:53:58+00:00

The Clear O3 has no water going to it. Disconnect the check valve from the pump or Venturi manifold and plug the threaded hole.

How to replace the Clear O3 lamp?2019-01-25T15:42:05+00:00

Consult your local pool professional or click on link below for detailed instructions on replacing the lamp.

Clear O3 Lamp Replacement Instructions

The Ballast is bad. There is a date on the underside of the unit and if it is newer than 1/10/15 then that ballast is replaceable.  If it is older the Clear O3 unit must be replaced.

Note: the bulb is still good and can be used for replacement after the 13,000 hour life span is over.

I changed the lamp to the Clear O3 but it still does not light up2020-04-27T21:50:23+00:00

If there is power to the terminal block inside the electrical housing, then the Ballast is bad. There is a date on the underside of the ClearO3. If it is newer than 10/01/15 then the ballast is replaceable.  If it is older the complete ClearO3 must be replaced.

Note: the replacement lamp is still good and can be used for replacement after the 13,000-hour life span of the lamp in the new unit is over.

I have a Clear O3 and or an Ultra UV2 unit how long should I run my filter?2019-02-18T21:45:26+00:00
  1. Run times are related to the total gallons of your pool and influx of debris. This becomes more complicated with multi speed pumps.   Most pool professionals agree that at the very least 1 turn over a day and up to 1 ½ turnovers a day in warm weather or high usage.  There are conditions that will require more run time. Many pumps today show GPM flows on the on the pump control pad or phone app at the rpm they are running at. If you do not know the total gallons of your pool multiply the length times width times average depth times 7.5 (L x W x avg depth x 7.5) = total gallons.  If you have an in-floor cleaning system, the GPM when the pump is running is approximately 65 GPM alone not counting water feeding other water features, spa over flows and other items that may be running at the same time.
  2. The Paramount ClearO3 will sanitize 50,000 gallons in 8 hours and the Ultra UV2 on a one lamp unit sanitizes up to 48 GPM., 2 lamp unit up to 80 GPM., and the 3-lamp unit (must have a minimum of 2 ½ inch plumbing going into two inputs and out of 2 each outlets) up to 120 GPM.
  3. The above run times are general guidelines. There are always exceptions to run times; water temperature, weather, bathing load, and landscaping. The run time will need to be adjusted up or down to meet these variables.
I have an Ultra UV2 and or a Clear O3 what level should I keep the chlorine at?2019-02-19T15:00:52+00:00

If you are truly allergic to Chlorine you can use other products such as minerals or other chemical that treat the body of water. The Clear O3 and / or the Ultra UV2 dramatically reduce the chlorine needed to the pool and you can keep the count as low as .3 to .5 parts per million however keeping it low requires that it be checked daily.  A 1 to 2 parts per million will be a more manageable number. If you have stabilizer in the water, the chlorine will only be used as needed to handle new bacteria, algae spores, etc. If you have ozone that burns up the chloramines (the bad chlorine that makes you itch, have red eyes, and smells bad).  The UV is the Sanitizer and kills or makes inactive 99.9% of bacteria, algae, and viruses.

Is it okay to install the Clear O3 vertically?2019-01-25T16:22:38+00:00

No, the Clear O3  must be installed horizontally and higher than the pool water and pool filter.

My ClearO3 ozone connects at the pump. I notice that I have air accumulation at the top of the filter. Is this normal?2019-01-09T18:32:45+00:00

Ozone is a gas and will accumulate to some degree in the top of the filter. However to make sure this is a minor accumulation, the sight glass and metering needle valve must be set when the pump is working at it’s highest speed. On a multi-speed pump this may be the startup speed. Then when the pumps speed is lowered for normal operation the ball in the sight glass will drop down. This is normal, do not readjust needle valve at the lower speed. The needle valve is still set to the proper place and is delivering Ozone. Only set the needle valve after filter cleanings.

My pool pump drains down every night, what is causing this and how do I fix it?2019-02-18T20:06:21+00:00
  1. Make sure pump lid O-ring is tight and lid is tight.
  2. The check valve that comes standard with the Clear O3 is a ½ lb. If the pump is above the pool water by more than 12” a stronger check valve must be used. See page 8 of the instruction manual for check valve sizing. *
Why is the red ball in the flow meter is stuck at the top?2019-02-18T18:11:38+00:00

This may happen when the needle valve adjustment directions are not followed. Read page 13 of the Clear O3 Instruction Manual on how to set flow meter.

To adjust close the needle valve on the flow meter and with the pump running open it just a little. Let the unit run for several days that way and then if it has not dropped tap with your finger on the sight glass to knock the ball.   If the ball stays stuck and will not drop replace the flow meter.

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